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Touch of Synergy

5. Muse 30ml

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Laryngeal Center (5) Muse: (Citrus sinensis, cedrus atlantica, cinnamomum cassia, myrtus communis, commiphora molmol, sytrax benzoe, angelica archangelica y vanilla planifolia)

Muse: to evoke inspiration in moments that we have to make decisions or create. This energy center governs the neck, throat, mouth and jaw. What do you think of these regions of your body?

Have you had any difficulty with them at some time in your life?

Remember that this center has to do with communication and artistic creation, from where our concealer is called Muse, myrrh, benjui and copaiba will give you the ability to express what you still cannot, myrtle and cedar will give you strength while cinnamon and sweet orange will sweeten your words to you and others.

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