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Touch of Synergy

6. Awake 30ml

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Awake 30ml, Front center (6): (Citrus limon, citrus bergamia, citrus aurantium, coriandrum sativum, jasminum officinalis, piper nigrum). For an awakening of consciousness.

This energy center governs the eyes and forehead. What do you think of those regions of your body? Have you had difficulty with them at some time in your life?

It is about waking up to a state of joy and happiness recognizing what is around us while we are alert to What is happening around us and with ourselves, is an invitation to recreate with the images. The places we like, all full of light and color. Our concealer with the bergamot base balances and expands your consciousness, the orange and bitter orange give you the joy to enjoy everything you see and the orange blossom with jasmine will give you a touch of charm.

Place 3 drops on the forehead and open your conscience.

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