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Touch of Synergy

Geranium (Egyptian) Essential Oil

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Scientific name: Pelargonium asperum
Origin: Morocco, Egypt, China and Madagascar.

Geranium essential oil from Egypt, also known as Bourbon, is ideal for mixing with blue Eucalyptus or Java Citronella. Not only completes its repellent action against mosquitoes, but softens, with its fragrance with notes of roses, the citrus and polarizing aromas of the other two.

The use of this oil has properties of prevention and care of recent stretch marks. Fights wrinkles, crow's feet and falling tissues and breasts. Antihemorrhagic, anti-inflammatory against mosquito bites, eczema and pruritus. Fight osteoarthritis and rheumatism. Help against hypoglycemia and its symptoms.

Properties of the Geranium of Egypt:
- Prevention and care of recent stretch marks.
- Wrinkles, crow's feet and falling tissues and breasts.
- Miscellaneous hemorrhages: nose, wounds, childbirth, surgeries.
- Skin inflammations: mosquito bites, eczema and pruritus.
- Osteo-articular inflammation: osteoarthritis and rheumatism.

    Indications of the Geranium of Egypt:
    - Venous and lymphatic tonic. It is an excellent antimicrobial, powerful fungicide, anti-allergic.
    - Repellent of mosquitoes and other insects.
    - It is highly recommended to use it in older people's rooms, maternity or palliative care areas, due to its potent antimicrobial effect.
    - Opening of the heart chakra and its properties.

      Uses and tricks of the essential oil of Geranium from Egypt:
      - Adding two drops of geranium essential oil from Egypt to moisturizers Coco or Maracuyá of Touch of Synergy will have a moisture and antifungal action (eliminates skin fungus) and is an excellent tonic for all skin astringent
      - Mixing two drops of Egyptian Geranium Essential Oil mixed in the Cupuaçú Body Cream of Touch of Synergy , applied morning and afternoon in the breasts, serves as an effective firming agent.

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