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Exotic Basil Essential Oil

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Scientific name: Ocimum basilicum
Origin: India

Native to India, basil species are large in various warm regions. The species of the genus Ocimum, of the botanical family of the lamiáceas, produce different essences and are cultivated in all parts of the world. But the most interesting variety comes from tropical regions of the southern hemisphere.

This annual aromatic herb native to Asia, has white flowers at the tip of the upper stems and has at least 150 species. It has the beneficial properties of fighting muscle cramps, digestive spasms and relieving painful menses.

The steam distillation of basil flowers will yield an average of 1.3 litres of essential oil per 100 kilos of harvested plant matter.

- All gynecological spasms: dysmenorrhea, painful rules, uterine contractions.
- Painful urinary spasms in cases of cystitis.
- Intestinal spasms that accompany gastroenteritis.
- Viral infections: influenza, viral hepatitis, angina, viral enteritis.
- Spasmofilia
- Numerous disorders of the digestive system: nausea, vomiting, dizziness, aerophagia, flatulence, jet lag.
- It has an effective action on some liver viruses.

Did you know?
Drawing a line on the ground with exotic basil creates an olfactory border that ants will not cross.

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