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Touch of Synergy

3. Fire 30ml

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FIRE 30ml, Middle Center (3): (Pelargonium asperum, piper nigrum, simmondsia chinensis)

Fire: to burn, digest, process. p>

This energy center controls the solar plexus, between the navel and the base of the sternum. What do you think of this area of ​​your body? Have you had any difficulty with it at any time in your life?

In this center, the element is fire, so we recommend putting a few drops of the black pepper and geranium mixture and put them in the heat of a candle while we apply a few drops on our solar plexus and write those things that we cannot digest and receive the strength to do so. You can also write your goals and give them the heat of fire and oils to focus your strength on achieving your goals.

The oils can be heated by putting a few drops on your hands and rubbing them vigorously.

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