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Touch of Synergy

2. Sensuality 30ml

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SENSUALITY 30ml, Lumbo-Sacral Center (2): (Cananga odorata, santalum austrocaledonicum, elettaria cardamomum, prunus amygdalus)

Sensuality: being willing to enjoy the body and emotions
This energy center dominates the sacral region, the genitals, the hip and the lumbar region. What do you think of those areas of your body? Have you had any difficulty with them at any time in your life?

The element of this center is water, so we recommend putting a few drops in the shower or tub to activate or correct this energy center. You can also apply two drops and let yourself be involved in the seduction of Ylang Ylang with the sandalwood and the heat of the cardomome that will be the touch of passion that makes this a great formula.

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