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Gluten Free | Pregnancy Advice

- 100 Capsules (33-day supply)
- Contains Turmeric, Gentian & Burdock Root
- Natural source of curcumin and sesquiterpene lactones

Did You Know?
Turmeric has far more benefits than just adding colour and flavour to a curry. An explosion of research in the field of nutrition has revealed surprising benefits of turmeric, meaning it could well be one of the healthiest spices in the world! Whilst bitter herbs have a long history of use, commonly used in cocktails known digestifs which are consumed after meals to stimulate digestion.

What are the benefits?
Liver Health Formula is a unique product that has been specially developed to help nourish the liver. Eating a healthy, well balanced daily diet, rich in fresh fruit and vegetables is a good way to obtain vitamins and minerals. However, many foods that are a mainstay of the modern diet are often low in trace minerals due to the depletion of natural minerals in the soil, and natural minerals can be lost from food during processing. This powerful combination contains eleven key ingredients chosen for their antioxidant, bitter, and soothing properties, all of which are needed to keep the liver in good condition. Includes Dandelion which contains sesquiterpene lactones and has a long tradition of use in Europe for liver and kidney health. Turmeric, a natural source of curcumin, used as an Ayurvedic medicine for centuries, and Uva Ursi leaf which contains natural antioxidants.

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