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Gluten Free | Allergy Advice

- 90 Capsules (22-day supply)
- Herbal combination to rebalance friendly gut bacteria
- Enteric coated Prebiotic - works in partnership with Pro B11

Rebalancing Friendly Flora
Good health begins with balance, especially in the intestinal system, where natural gut bacteria help maintain the delicate balance of friendly micro-organisms in the intestines. Maintaining healthy gut flora helps us to digest and absorb proteins, and produce B vitamins. It also helps to protect the gut wall and prevents more harmful organisms from establishing themselves.

Prebiotics feed and increase the friendly bacteria in your gut without feeding bad microorganisms or pathogens. These ‘good’ bacteria play a significant role in maintaining the normal function of your immune system and keeping your digestive and intestinal system healthy

What are the benefits?
Nature's Sunshine's Caprylic Acid Combination is an enteric coated prebiotic designed to nutritionally support anyone wanting to rebalance friendly bacteria. Live bacteria are a valuable part of a healthy diet as they act as natural health promoters by populating the gastrointestinal tract with friendly microbes. 

Each Caprylic Acid capsule is enteric coated to ensure that the contents are released in the intestinal tract. This product can work in partnership with Pro B11, which provides almost 12 billion bacteria per serving. 

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