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For more than 20 years our founder decided to investigate how to help people feel and look healthy in the most natural way possible.

Starting from the idea that we inherit this land to be happy and reach the maximum of our potential, it is unnecessary to invade our body with substances harmful to our health.

With the experience gained with his work as owner and International President of Sunshine Andina in Chile, Peru, Brazil, Spain, Portugal and Argentina, Daniel Maldonado decided to go out in search of a totally natural cosmetic line. The place was the Brazilian Amazon.

From there, inspired by fruits such as Maracuyá, Açaí, Coco, Cupuaçú and Guaraná; and the technical help and expertise of Samia Queiroz, developed this gem of nature we call Touch of Synergy. A line for special souls. Said in our precious language: A touch of synergy; a line for special souls. And while we are all special, the line is dedicated to men and women who appreciate their skin and care without invading sulfates or parabens.

This line of cosmetics is complemented with a selection of essential oils and blends from around the world to bring to life the best of this land.

Touch of Synergy works with essential oils and organic vegetables, which he carefully selects from suppliers in Belgium, France and other countries of the world. Certifies that each lot is an original raw material, grown organically, harvested at the right time and guarantees not to have been adulterated with other substances.

We invite everyone to know our company, to appreciate the commitment with which we work and the love that is permeated in everything we do.

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Executive Director

Executive Director: Daniel Maldonado

Chile, Peru, Brazil, Argentina & USA

Chile: Office Manager Liliana Poggio

Perú: Office Manager Alida Luna

Brazil: Office Manager Gerson Marçal

Argentina: Office Manager Marina de Choch

EEUU: Sales Representative Miriam Zaccari

Spain & Portugal

Spain and Portugal: Office Manager Eduardo Torres

Spain and Portugal: Technical director Iván Colmena


Sales Representative: Giulia Guarino

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