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Ways to use essential oils by external means

Written by Hannah Parry


Posted on December 02 2019

Of the various ways of applying essential oils, those that are externally are preferable due to their greater ease of application and safety. In addition, with local application, the essences immediately penetrate through the skin and act directly on the organs that are under it, without unnecessarily overloading the internal organs, such as the liver and digestive mucous membranes, as happens when Essences are taken orally. However, do not exceed 10 drops daily.












Pure essential oils are concentrated and powerful substances. For the massage, the essences - one or several - are added, before coming into contact with the skin, to a basic oil that, acting as a vehicle, dilutes the essences to avoid skin reactions and irritating phenomena, and allow the correct sliding to massage.

An important precision that must be taken into account is that they are cold squeezed, since they must not contain solvent residues, derived from the refining and pressure process, which destroy fat-soluble vitamins such as vitamin E and F. The oils are not advised. of mineral origin for massages, such as petroleum jelly, which has low affinity with the skin and tends to clog pores.The base oils used must have a high affinity with the skin. Therefore, vegetable oils such as wheat germ, sweet almond, hazelnut, sunflower, sesame, olive, grape seed, corn, soybean or peanut oil are recommended.

Among the oils mentioned above, grape seed and sunflower seeds are particularly light and, therefore, easier to spread through the body. Wheat, olive or sweet almond germ oils are more viscous and therefore more suitable for the treatment of dry skin.

The dissolution percentages are as follows: the essential oil content of a mixture should range between 1 and 3%, depending on the type of problem. Physical problems in general require a greater concentration than states of emotional and nervous nature. This is understandable if one thinks that the material body is made up of a "heavier" substance and therefore requires a type of intervention in the physical-material field, that is, with more essence molecules. When the intervention takes place in the psyche, it is a more subtle energy in which one works not only in the matter but in the information and, therefore, with a very low amount a very strong effect can be obtained.

Let's see in practice how to proceed with the dissolution. The 1 or 3% translates into these proportions: for a tablespoon of basic oil (equivalent to about 100 drops), we must add 1 to 3 drops of essence. For a global massage of the entire body, the concentration of essence will be as indicated before. For interventions at more precise points, the number of drops per tablespoon may be higher, as indicated in specific cases.

The ambient temperature of the place where the massage will be performed should be pleasant, not less than 25 ° C; The hand of the person who performs the massage should be hot and the oil will be heated with the heat of the hand before applying it to the body. Keep in mind that the higher the heat of the skin, the greater the dilation and, with it, the greater the absorption of the essence. This can be favored with a hot bath before proceeding to the massage.

For an aromatic bath, the water temperature should be high, but not in excess. The essences will be added immediately before entering the bathtub, in order to take full advantage of the effect produced by the evaporation of volatile components. 4 or 5 drops of the chosen essence are added; If it is a combination, do not exceed 8 drops. The duration of the bath will be about 10 minutes.

3 to 4 drops of essence are poured into the wet foam glove and the body is rubbed.

Compresses and plasters
In a cup of hot or cold water, depending on the needs, 5 to 8 drops of essence are poured. A gauze is immersed in water, drained gently and applied to the affected area. Hot water will be used for muscle aches, and cold water for sprains, sprains, fever or headaches. The compress will renew when it warms or cools. Essence pads can relieve pain, distortion or swelling.


3 to 4 drops of essence are poured into a diffuser for essences, formed by a heat source (lamp or candle) on which there is a glass container with a little water. With the action of heat, water evaporates and the essence volatilizes. The essence should not be poured directly on the heat source because it is a flammable product. You can also put a few drops of essence in a handkerchief, a pillow, especially balsamic essences, in the heating water container, in a humidifier prepared for the use of essences or even in a nebulizer. This practice of fogging essences in the environment has a high antiseptic power and is very useful for purifying the air in the rooms of the sick.

5 to 8 drops of essence are added in a small bowl with boiling water and the vapors are breathed with a cloth over the head. This method is particularly useful for treating respiratory tract conditions.

2 or 3 drops of essence diluted in an alcoholic base will be used to rub in the cutaneous region corresponding to the affected organ (for example, in the chest for cough or bronchitis) until the area is heated.

Pediluviums, maniluviums and semicupios
4 to 5 drops of essence are added in a bowl with hot or cold water, depending on the needs, and the feet are kept submerged for about 10 minutes. The same treatment must be followed in the case of hands or for the bidet.

Internal Irrigation
4 to 5 drops of essence are added in very hot water, allowing it to cool for a few minutes. It will be used for vaginal or lavage washes.

Rinses and gargles
2 to 3 drops of essence are added in a glass of boiled water for rinses or gargles in case of inflammation of the mucous membranes of the mouth and throat.

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