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Essential oils that stimulate libido

Written by Andrew Ewan


Posted on July 03 2019

An aphrodisiac, by definition, is a product capable of increasing sexual appetite. Essential oils in baths, massages and perfumes have been used for this purpose for millennia. The skin is the largest sexual organ and one of the most sensitive, so your care can be so erotic.

Aromatherapy experts defend the real effect of essential oils and consider them the most powerful aphrodisiac substances that exist. Can scented oil droplets really stimulate desire?

“People are looking for aphrodisiacs since the man is a man, but they don't exist,” says Marta Arasanz, psychologist and director of the Catalan Institute of Sexology and Psychotherapy. “It is true that aromatherapy stimulates the senses. It puts you in touch with your own body, and that stimulates. But it is a psychological predisposition, not the substance that acts on the brain. If you are angry, the drops do nothing to you. ”

Their effect lies in“ the situation in which they are taken, the expectations and even the personality of the person who takes them, ”he says. Arasanz Any placebo could work, then, as an aphrodisiac? "Sometimes, yes," says the psychologist, "but in sexology we use more flavors or aromas than a specific substance, since it is about getting in touch with the body itself and living it, not looking for a substitute for desire."

The most effective aromas for women.

Jasmine Essential Oil: one of the most sensual and aphrodisiacs, develops the power of seduction and opens the doors to a new sexual energy. In Eastern cultures it is a symbol of purity and unity with the luminous and divine energy of the cosmos, increasing mental concentration and spiritual awareness.

Rosa de Damasco Essential Oil: considered the most wonderful of essential oils. The rose represents the joy of the feminine. Increase fertility; relaxes the nervous system, calms and helps eliminate feelings of guilt; combat feelings of heartbreak; It helps women cope with problems, gives courage and security and stimulates inner wisdom.

The most effective aromas for men.

Patchouli Essential Oil: great stimulant of desire and sexual response, combats coldness and disinterest in sex; brings harmony and allows the enjoyment of sexuality in fullness.

Rosemary Essential Oil: solar plant that brings good luck and protects against negative energies. It gives vitality, energy, desire to live, self confidence and need to communicate; general tonic of the organism.

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