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Essential Oils and skin

Written by Hannah Parry


Posted on December 02 2019

If the skin is rubbed with an essential oil, pure or diluted in a base oil (usually vegetable oil), the tiny molecules that compose it become soluble in the fats of the skin, quickly crossing the outer layers and reaching the blood capillaries. From here, they pass into the bloodstream, and are transported to the cells and body fluids. It has been proven experimentally that the essences can be found in the blood after one or several hours after application to the skin. When an oil is used in a painful area of ​​the body, it acts on the diseased organ that is under the skin, thanks to its very high propagation power.

At the same time, it will reach, through the blood, the rest of the body areas and spread throughout all the cells, revitalizing them, toning them, increasing the immunological defenses and also improving the functions of the different devices.
While the smell requires an active and voluntary movement, originated by the approach and nasal inspiration, with the use of the oil epidermally through massage, the skin benefits from the healing effect of the essence without an active participation of the self. That is, the oil will act for him, integrating into his vegetative system and reaching the unconscious.

The general action of a tiny amount of product approximates aromatherapy to energy therapies. In this regard, it should be pointed out that it is more likely that the beneficial action does not originate in the quantity, very small of the essence, but in the “information” that it carries and that is introduced into the altered energy circuit of the organism, and It rebalances it. For this reason, it seems that the essence, even if applied to any part of the skin, is led to the weakened organ or to the altered function. Any region of the body, any organ, vibrates following a proper frequency of optimal biofunctioning. Many external and internal factors (pollution, electromagnetic currents, unbalanced power, negative thoughts, etc.

The essences of the plants contain within them the maximum potential reached during the plant's development phase. They are authentic "concentrators" of differentiated energy, which corresponds to the "personality" of the plant that has produced them, depending on their life and growth characteristics. When applied to man, they can be introduced through altered energy currents and in tune with their vibratory movement. This system of functioning is the same as that of acupuncture, homeopathy, education of thought and emotions, meditation and body techniques (yoga, bioenergy, massage, etc.).

The use of essences by friction is advised even when enjoying good health, to increase the vital and energetic potential, especially in the morning, to prepare the awakening of the body, and at night, to return to give harmony to the body and the mind after the stimuli of the day.

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