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Aromatherapy and Essential Oils: Smells that heal

Written by Andrew Ewan


Posted on April 03 2019

Moods such as depression, problems such as obesity and aesthetic needs such as recovering the figure after childbirth can have their solution in aromatherapy, the cure that believes in the power of essential oils .

Now it is a therapy that many resort to or that others propose to improve moods such as depression, problems such as obesity or chronic pain, needs such as recovering the figure after childbirth, overcoming fatigue, quitting smoking or raise the libido. But aromatherapy is nothing new. Historically, the strength of essential oils, which come from the steam distillation of flowers, plants, roots, seeds or noble woods, has been used to restore health and beauty.

Each essential oil has an identity. A scent and some properties that make it really valuable. When they mix with each other with knowledge their benefits are also being mixed, causing chemical reactions and enriching some of their properties or producing new ones. Called fifth essence of plants during ancient times and used by alchemists for the preparation of medicines, oils are highly concentrated and literally represent the life of the plant, its essential energy. They are volatile, not fatty and you have to take care of them because light and temperature can ruin their strength.

Essential oils have numerous therapeutic applications, although it should always be remembered that they should be used in the appropriate proportion - 97% of vegetable carrier oil such as almond vegetable oil and 3% of essential oil or synergy (mixture) of oils essential– to cure various moods or ailments. And a couple of clarifications are also important:

The effectiveness of aromatherapy requires that the body absorbs small amounts of essential oils daily through contact with the skin and in case of receiving a cosmetic or therapeutic treatment from professional hands, it is convenient to continue at home with a maintenance treatment.

It is also necessary to know that these oils are never used directly applied to the skin, but that they need a carrier base and that pregnant women should avoid oils such as basil, cypress, hyssop, marjoram, ferrule, melissa, sage and thyme.

But where do essential oils come from?
They are usually obtained by steam distillation, without using chemical solvents and at low pressure. The process consists of passing water vapor through a tank containing aromatic plants. Water vapor extracts the essence of the plant and a homogeneous gas mixture is formed. When leaving the tank, at a controlled pressure, water vapor enriched with essential oils passes through a coil and condenses. The liquid reaches an esenciero (Florentine vessel), where the essential oil of lower density than water floats in the distillation water (hydrolate) and is collected by overflow.

Massage: 97% Almond oil + 3% Essential oils
Bath water: 10 drops
Essence diffuser: 5-10 drops
Sauna: 2 drops per 500 ml
Jacuzzi: 3 drops per person
Vapor inhalations: 5 drops
Facial masks: 3 drops
Body wraps: 7 drops
Candles: 5 drops
Humidifiers: 5-10 drops
Paper handkerchief: 2 drops
Each essential oil is indicated for a specific state.

Essential oils can be used to balance emotions: stress, states of melancholy and sadness, impatience and anxiety. For stress states, a synergy of the following essential oils is recommended: orange , grapefruit , lavender , petit-grain , marjoram and lemon . For melancholy states, a synergy of orange , petit-grain , grapefruit , geranium and lavender could be used . For anxiety states, from Touch Of Synergy we recommend using a dessert spoon full ofAlmond vegetable oil with three drops of neroli essential oil . This mixture should be applied to the solar plexus (base of the sternum), neck and temples and breathe deeply for ten minutes.

For cases of fluid retention, the most appropriate synergy would be one based on lemon , juniper , cypress , geranium , cedar and mint. For cases of cellulite, a synergy of lemon , juniper , cypress and rosemary is recommended. For cases of accumulation of fat in hips and belly (michelines), it would be best to use a synergy of essential oils of grapefruit , lavender , lemon , lemongrass , fennel and coriander.

For chronic pain and ankylosing the following formula based on clove essential oil (with slightly anaesthetic properties) is very useful : clove , rosemary , chamomile , lavender and lemon. For muscular pain it would be necessary to use a synergy of essential oils of lavender , chamomile , rosemary and juniper . A successful combination would be that of chamomile , rosemary and juniper body oil .

During pregnancy it is better to follow the guidelines of an aromatherapy expert to avoid essential oils not recommended during these months, but then its use is more than convenient.
To reduce volume, one of the formulas mentioned in the section on obesity could be used. To reaffirm the skin and tissues, it is advisable to use essential oils with firming properties such as geranium, lemon and cypress . To re-firm the bust after the period of breastfeeding the most indicated is a synergy based on geranium, ylang-ylang, lemon and orange .

In case of looking for an invigorating and energising formula, especially after states of tiredness, illness or weakness, they serve lemon, rosemary, hyssop and clove. For people suffering from fatigue and poor morning activity, a synergy of essential oils of rosemary and red tangerine is recommended. You could also think of a synergy of oils to achieve a feeling of general well-being: lemon , bergamot, orange, thyme, rosemary, lavender, geranium, Cedar, clove and cinnamon.

To stop smoking, a synergy of essential oils of lavender , lemongrass , basil and cedar can be used in a diffuser. And if you want to improve air quality, the four balsamic oils par excellence would be selected: eucalyptus, rosemary, mint and pine.

There are many essential oils with stimulating properties of sensuality and sexuality, although it must be taken into account that there are some essential oils that stimulate women (essential oils of flowers) and other stimulants for men (essential oils of wood or seeds). Synergies with sandalwood, cardamom, cumin, rosemary , patchouli and lemon are feminine aphrodisiacs , and feminine ones based on Bulgarian rose, jasmine, neroli, ylang-ylang and geranium

Some essential oils also have a composition very similar to estrogen, and are those that would be used to prepare a formula that would allow us to harmonize the complex female hormonal system. They are geranium , scleral sage, Bulgarian rose, chamomile and fennel .

The main essential oil against food disorders, especially against lack of appetite, is the cumin essential oil, a traditional spice from the Middle East, widely used by Ayurvedic medicine. For greater effectiveness its use by inhalation is recommended (two drops applied on a tissue).

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